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News ReleaseAir Products Continues to Deliver World-Class Hydrogen Supply with the Installation of Its 40th PRISM® Hydrogen Generator

10/11/2016 Lehigh Valley, Pa.

Air Products (NYSE:APD) recently made delivery of its 40th PRISM® Hydrogen Generator, which provides economical on-site gas production for a broad range of supply requirements. The latest order, received from Biotechnological complex-ROSVA, a biorefinery for the processing of grain and production of sorbitol in Russia, involves the installation of two 250-normal-cubic-meters-per-hour hydrogen generators, which will be used for hydrogenation in their manufacturing process.

Air Products’ PRISM Hydrogen Generators have the capability to supply requirements from 50 normal cubic meters per hour to greater than 4,500 normal cubic meters per hour, providing the lowest cost on-site hydrogen available in this production range. The company’s hydrogen generators have been supplied for applications in a variety of industries, including hydrogenation in chemical processing, atmospheric control in float glass, epitaxy production in electronics, annealing and galvanizing steel, and metals processing.

“We work closely with customers to identify the needs of their individual processes so we can provide the optimal solution for hydrogen supply in that range,” said Dave Guro, global product manager for Hydrogen Generation and Purification at Air Products. “We work on applications for both large and small PRISM hydrogen plants, and by leveraging Air Products’ global sales, supply chain, and operations network, we are able to provide the most economical gas supply option for customers all around the world.”

Air Products’ PRISM Hydrogen Generator, which combines the company’s proprietary reformer technology with its hydrogen pressure swing adsorption capabilities, is a highly packaged on-site hydrogen generation technology that allows for easy field installation and a fast start-up. Air Products’ focus on safety is embedded in the product design, and the units have the capability for full local and remote control. The company also has an experienced technical support team that works with each customer to enhance safety, help increase process efficiency, and optimize their gas usage.

Short Videos Highlight Benefits/Applications of On-site Gas Production

To help customers determine whether on-site hydrogen generation could be right for them, Air Products has launched a series of videos that addresses some of the most frequently asked questions. To view these videos and learn more about the benefits and applications of on-site hydrogen production, visit For more information about Air Products’ PRISM Hydrogen Generators, visit

Air Products is the world's leading hydrogen supplier and operates the world's largest hydrogen distribution network. The company’s PRISM Hydrogen Generators for on-site gas production are an integral part of the Air Products portfolio of hydrogen supply options, which includes traditional bulk liquid and gas delivery, large on-site hydrogen and carbon monoxide plants, and pipeline supply.

About Air Products

Air Products (NYSE:APD) is a world-leading Industrial Gases company in operation for over 75 years. The Company’s core industrial gases business provides atmospheric and process gases and related equipment to manufacturing markets, including refining and petrochemical, metals, electronics, and food and beverage. Air Products is also the world’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment. The Company’s Performance Materials Division serves the polyurethanes, cleaning and coatings, and adhesives industries.

The Company had fiscal 2016 sales of $9.5 billion and has a current market capitalization of approximately $30 billion. Approximately 17,000 employees in 50 countries strive to make Air Products the world’s safest and best performing industrial gases company, providing sustainable offerings and excellent service to all customers. For more information, visit

NOTE: This release may contain forward-looking statements within the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s reasonable expectations and assumptions as of the date of this release regarding important risk factors. Actual performance and financial results may differ materially from projections and estimates expressed in the forward-looking statements because of many factors not anticipated by management, including risk factors described in the Company’s Form 10K for its fiscal year ended September 30, 2015.




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