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BIP® technology, overview – The gas revolution in the laboratory

BIP® cylinders contain a high tech purification system and unique valve design that delivers ultra-high purity gas. BIP® gases are perfect for a wide variety of applications where gas purity is essential, for example as a carrier gas in gas chromatography (GC) where they improve analytical accuracy, reduce baseline noise and lower limits of detection. Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Argon are the ultra high purity gases most frequently used in a laboratory and they are all available with BIP® technology.

Legislation and tough competition have resulted in increased demand for ever more accurate and reliable analyses of a wide range of complex chemical compounds. BIP® gases have impurity levels as low as 10ppb total hydrocarbons,10ppb oxygen and 20ppb moisture, meaning BIP® gases deliver the lowest level of impurities available anywhere. BIP® gases have become the analytical standard for all applications requiring high purity gases with consistently low levels of impurities: gas chromatography, inerting, high quality welding and many others. Contact us to find out how BIP® technology can benefit you, or click on one of the options below to find out more.

  • Better analyses
    BIP® technology gives you gases that are up to 300 times purer than conventional carrier gases.
  • Lower costs
    Lower levels of oxygen and water significantly extend the working life of chromatography columns. You save on column replacement costs, and you get less downtime too.
  • Easy to switch to BIP® cylinders
    Just order BIP® gases in place of your usual cylinders – no special equipment is required. The cylinder sizes and piping connections are identical.


Award Winning Technology

It’s a success that’s widely recognised. BIP® technology received the Queens Award for Innovation in the UK in 2004 and is used by thousands of customers in Europe, including the top five manufacturers of analytical equipment as well as the national laboratories of seven European countries.

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BIP® technology: the highest purity gases consistently
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Hydrogen BIP®: now a safer solution for the laboratory
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In an experiment with NASA and University of Stanford,
BIP® Helium confirms that Einstein’s predictions were right
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