Services and Solutions

We own and operate gasifiers globally with various feedstocks and share knowledge and best practices with our customers

What we can offer

Studies customized to your individual objectives, such as productivity, reliability, operability improvements, capacity expansion, feedstock flexibility, mechanical integrity improvements, etc. These studies are normally conducted in two phases to develop the best solutions for your particular facility.

Phase 1 Baseline current performance and gap analysis versus industry best practices

Phase 2 Detailed evaluation to meet your goals, including economic justification and recommendations.

After the study, Air Products can provide specific implementation services such as design, installation, construction management, operator training, and start- up support. We can also stay involved with your operations to provide ongoing support if needed.

To improve your gasification productivity, Air Products also offers:

  • ProcessMD™ Services- advanced process and equipment predictive analytics software based on our extensive operating plant database and live information updates 
  • Alliances with other experts in the industry, to develop the best solutions for your facility

ProcessMD™ Services

Insight > Data > Expertise > Action > Savings

Detect impending failures weeks or months before alarms go off

ProcessMD™ uses “smart levels” based on process models that adjust for variables like ambient temperature and production rate to determine when a key process variable is out of range from expected variations. This provides advanced warning from fixed alarm limits that are often set much higher.

How ProcessMD™ alerts can give you early warning

How ProcessMD™ alerts can give you early warning


What we can offer

  • Data collection in a secure digital cloud
  • Proactive monitoring for abnormal operating conditions
  • Prompt analysis to investigate the cause
  • Preferred access to Air Products’ technical resource for timely support 
  • Monthly report containing recommended actions for cost savings
  • Technical Service Program with site visits

Gasification: How can we help you

Air Products Syngas Solutions provides clients with customized support for previously licensed technologies that are now operating under our experience umbrella. 
Those technologies are:

  • Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP)
  • GE Gasification

Air Products offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions to keep your gasification plant at peak performance. We can help your gasifier with issues from process equipment improvements, to facility optimization and engineering and field services. We can also help improve and optimize your cryogenic, non-cryo and air separation plants.

Air Products Syngas Solutions™ formerly: Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP) and GE Energy's gasification technology